How to Ease Out of Patio Season Without Crying

Our patio days are numbered. Chicagoans might not want to admit it, but fall is almost here and that means the fun will soon move indoors. Depressed yet? Don’t worry, there’s a pretty retro fab solution that even includes cocktails with gummy bears! Since its inception, Kings has been providing fun for all ages across the country. In November the first ever Chicago location swung its doors open and beckoned in the masses.

Located in New City in Lincoln Park, the interior features a full dining room, expansive bar and walls littered with photos of celebs that have visited its many locations. With a selection of scrumptious appetizers, an eclectic dinner menu, black light bowling lanes and a room full of air hockey, shuffleboard and pool tables, there are hours of entertainment to be had in this vast space.

How to Be Happy About Saying Goodbye to Patio Season with Kings Chicago by Leah Nolan of the Chicago Chic.


The Oberon: Not to be confused with the Kalamazoo derived beer, this raspberry vodka based martini is mixed with peach liqueur, sour mix and lime juice. Garnished with gummy bears, it’s sweet, acidic and taps into childhood nostalgia. But the sourness (and alcohol) is a brisk reminder that it’s definitely formulated for adults.

The Fundamentalist: Rye whiskey is at the forefront of every sip. The accompanying St. Germain infuses the cocktail with bold flavors of elderflower which makes it intoxicatingly aromatic. With a splash of citrus, mint syrup and soda water, the carbonated bubbles add a little extra zing. The final garnish of mint delights many senses.

World Famous Sangria: They don’t call it world famous for nothing! Made fresh in-house, this yummy Spanish classic is just as it should be – bright, fruity and naturally sweet. Splurge and order the pitcher.

Mango Lemonade: With a variety of flavored lemonades available, each packs a fruit filled punch but the mango has a little extra oomph. This is a fragrant and booze free option fit for everyone.

How to Be Happy About Saying Goodbye to Patio Season with Kings Chicago by Leah Nolan of the Chicago Chic.


 Not Your Mother’s Brussel Sprouts: These are the Brussel sprouts diners everywhere aspire to make at home. The smoky bacon complements the rich vegetables. Topped with a cluster of fried onion strings, this texturally tantalizing appetizer is heightened in flavor by the creamy horseradish dipping sauce.

Buffalo Wontons: A favorite amongst diners, these extra crispy deep fried wontons are filled with shredded chicken tossed in buffalo sauce with a generous helping of soft cream cheese. Each bite showcases a balancing act of robust flavors that dance along the taste buds.

Crispy & Spicy Calamari: Calamari with a kick! Served with spicy fried peppers, this accurately prepared squid comes with two dipping sauces – sweet chili and Cajun roasted red pepper rémoulade. The first will help put the fire out and the second will fan the flames.

Beet & Apple Salad: This lush autumnal salad is served with fresh baby arugula, organic steamed beets, candied walnuts and buttery gorgonzola cheese. The bountiful ingredients are dressed in garden fresh cranberry poppy seed vinaigrette that adds a pungent punch.

1500 North Clybourn Avenue, Chicago, IL 60610

Featured Image Photo by Leigh Loftus


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