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We have found that one of the most daunting tasks to do when ‘baby’ shopping was finding the perfect stroller- really because you’re buying it for yourself- your comfort and ease is as important as your child’s comfort. Even more frustrating is selecting an umbrella stroller fit for travel. Have a trip coming up soon but can’t be bothered to drag your regular stroller? We’ve got the lightest and easy to manage strollers for you! Here’s our guide for 4 of our top travel buggies that have been tried and tested by jet-setting parents in Chicago.


Uppababy G-Luxe
Uppababy G-Luxe

Uppababy G-Luxe

Uppababy is one of the leading companies for children’s travel gear, specifically strollers. Fans of the Vista and Cruz, rejoice! Here’s what we found fab about this mighty stroller:

  • This is a trusty, sturdy umbrella stroller
  • Excellent wheels and structure; the G-Luxe is one travel stroller that will never let you down.
  • This stroller is our favorites because it focuses on the child’s comfort first and foremost – plush seating, excellent recline and a generous canopy.
  • Footrest can be folded for additional comfort for your child
  • Recline is excellent for snoozing
  • Basket larger than most out there, yet discrete
  • Cons: Not the lightest of the lot but once it goes into luggage, you forget about weight of the stroller

Chicago dad Ben Cullen’s review:

We took the G-Luxe to Europe with us this summer and went over cobble stone streets pretty much throughout our 10 day vacation. It still feels as good as new, I find it a very strong travel stroller suitable for rough ground and environment. We also like that the foot rest folds so my son can easily dangle his legs at knee level with comfort. The recline is quite good for when he’s sleeping and seems very comfortable for him.


GB Pockit
GB Pockit

GB Pockit

This is the world’s most compact and lightest travel stroller you will find in the market… literally. With a Guinness Book record for smallest stroller in the world, you’re guaranteed size and weight, with double wheels! Here’s what we think are this baby’s selling points:

  • Designed for modern day jet setting parents, with one click the whole stroller unravels into a tiny folded up stroller that you can easily fit into a shopping bag and into the overhead luggage compartment.
  • Ultra light!
  • Very comfortable for your child, it is made with a strong fabric that acts like a hammock, wrapping itself comfortably around your child’s back with a typical umbrella stroller recline.
  • It’s narrow so easy to push in and out of shops, cafes, alleys, etc. with ease
  • It has a decent sized basket that can hold up a few personal items.
  • Cons: Insufficient canopy size but there are attachment canopies available online that can be added with ease.

Chicago dad Sam Guerrero says: 

My wife and I have struggled to find a travel stroller that can fit in our overhead luggage because we travel quite light.  We’ve tried other umbrella strollers but the weight and size were cumbersome for a family that travels a lot like us. We really like the ease of opening and closing this stroller in less than 5 seconds. It has been a savior around airports especially with a curious child that wont stay still. Our daughter seems to feel comfortable in it and she’s also napped in it with no problems.

BabyZen YO-YO
BabyZen YO-YO

BabyZen YO-YO

This company has mastered the art of travel strollers. Not only is it stylish and modern, it certainly is a pioneer in the lightweight and compact stroller field. Here’s what we love about this stroller:

  • Very Stylish for aesthetically inspired parents with several bold color options
  • Compact, lightweight with a shoulder handle for ease of carrying between strolls
  • Easily collapsable and fits perfectly in overhead bins
  • Comes with travel bag
  • Bonus that its car seat compatiable!
  • Wheels are excellent and chassis can go over cobblestones for miles
  • Good recline for when child needs to rest
  • Comes with an easy to roll rain shield which is quite handy
  • Cons: The strap length is a bit short to accommodate heavier winter clothing

Chicago Mama, Tiana Valdes’s review:

This is a compact and lightweight stroller that is perfect for travel. We travel quite often between continents and this stroller as gone with us at literally every edge of the globe! I love that it’s light enough to lift with a sleeping toddler inside it. It folds and opens quite easily. Typical travel stroller recline and my toddler seems happy with that. The ride is quite smooth and has also managed to go 2 miles on gravel! The carseat adaptors are God-sent! Lastly, I always receive comments on how cool it looks when we’re out and about.


Mountain Buggy Nano
Mountain Buggy Nano

Mountain Buggy Nano

Similar to most travel buggies, this stroller is quite smooth to the ride and intentionally light for travel. Mountain Buggy, the company, is known for it’s excellent wheels and ride, popular for it’s joggers. Here’s this stroller’s review:

  • Smooth ride
  • Perfect recline for napping
  • Sufficient canopy
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • Easy open and close
  • Light stroller, easy for travel
  • Compact enough but not small enough to place in overhead compartment
  • Stylish with several colors and patterns available
  • Car Seat compatible
  • Very well priced
  • Cons: Small basket

Chicago mom and our Food Editor Priya Sawlani’s reviews: 

The mountain buggy nano is a great travel stroller. It’s comfortable and spacious with its recline & cushioned seat when opened and compact when closed making it very convenient to store. I love that it’s lightweight and compact and car seat compatible. It’s been a saving grace in between airports and cities, you hand it over at the departure gates and receive it once you arrive!


City Tour by Baby Jogger

City Tour by Baby Jogger

They say leaving the best for last and it’s true- our personal winner is the City tour by Baby Jogger. Sure, no stroller is perfect but this stroller has managed to fulfill all requirements needed by frazzled, traveling parents. An excellent, smooth ride, great storage pockets, canopy superb and the child sits with utmost comfort. Here’s our review:

  • Smooth ride
  • Perfect recline for napping
  • Superb canopy with a peek mesh
  • Easy open and close
  • Light stroller
  • Compact to place in overhead compartment
  • Mimics the Baby Jogger classic oval style, loved by parents on the go
  • Best priced priced from the lot
  • Cons: Handle is a couple inches shorter for tall parents

Chicago mom Myra Angelopolis reviews: 

This stroller is spot on, extremely affordable and fulfills my need. I’ve taken it around for long walks on several surfaces including grass and still managed to keep my child asleep. The wheels are what make this stroller the best. I’m personally a big fan of City Select and the City Tour is an excellent addition to the company’s product line- we’re so happy it’s added. My child also enjoys this, he doesn’t ‘slip’ like other umbrella strollers and the zip up pockets are convenient for keys, wallets and phones. The handle is also rubberized giving me a one hand grip that is perfect when your other hand is busy. We are going away on vacation soon and I can’t wait to take it around with me- such a relief from the larger strollers!


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