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7 Secrets To Stylish Small Space Living


Small dwellings are becoming an increasingly popular option in the United States and around the globe, thanks to the rise of single-person households, rising housing costs, and a desire to reduce our environmental footprint.

Worldwide, 15 percent of all households

How to party safely at Music Festivals


Attending a music festival is a unique experience and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Being a part of the festival crowd sets you in a very specific state of mind where you can feel incredibly free to act and be …

animated house below waterfall

10 Most Unusual Houses In The World


When we think of a house, it usually the structure with front doors, windows, square or rectangular shape, with the roof and a chimney. Thalia, the muse of comedy, geometry, architectural science and agriculture, didn’t forget to inspire this segment

Your Best Race Day


Only a few days left until the world renowned Chicago Marathon and on that day, 45,000 runners will flood the streets to accomplish their goals. Among the elites will be Jordan Hasay and Galen Rupp who you may recognize from

Modern Lovin’ with Luv Talk


We’ve all been there- it starts with what seems like the perfect match when it comes to relationships, which we all seek. Then the slow demise- you end up changing your FB status to ‘it’s complicated’.  According to best selling

6 Incubators in Chicago You Should Know


The “Windy City” is certainly winning when it comes to entrepreneurship. There is a plethora of resources and events around us to inspire action and motivation. Since having a community of support is key to entrepreneurial success, lucky for us, …